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Who Funds Us…

We are profoundly grateful for all donations, however small or big. Below, we acknowledge all major donors in last and current financial years, ending 28 February 2022.

They subsidise the salaries of two social workers, one auxiliary social worker, and four volunteers. This staff forms the backbone of our service delivery to victims and survivors of GBV and violence against children.

Former Weltwaets volunteers from Germany crowd -funded to assist the organization during the Covid pandemic.

The funds were used to support at least 380 families in our community and neighbouring communities who were hard-hit by the sudden lockdown instituted in the country to curb the spread of Covid-19 with food parcels, and cloth masks that were manufactured by the women of the sewing income-generating project supported by COPESSA. Some of the funds were used to initiate food gardens to improve food security and sustainability of this project.

The donation was used towards improving service safety, accessibility, and availability, which were negatively affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

The donation was used towards the operational costs of the Centre, which have in the past year decreased due to Covid-19 amid increased demand for our services.


This donation was used towards COPESSA’s operational costs. We have, especially in the past year, struggled to cover our operational costs. This is largely due to decreased funding pool, as most companies and donors have been diverting funds towards Covid-19 pandemic.

The donation was used towards improving the safety, accessibility and availability of services to victims and survivors of Gender Based Violence.

These monthly donations are used toward the operational costs of the Centre.

The donation was used towards the counselling costs of abused women and children.

The Grant was used towards the facilitation of community dialogues and those that specifically target men and boys to address the social and cultural norms that make violence acceptable in most patriarchal communities.


This multi-year grant will be used towards improving safety, reliability and accessibility of our services, capacitating staff to improve efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery, and mobilising communities to prevent GBV.

The Protea Glen Pick n Pay continues to support families in need by supporting our food parcel distribution projects. These have become significantly important to families that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 and also lost their income sources.