SiZa Health Park Project

SiZa Health Park Project


The SiZa Health Park is a community project located in Protea Glen, in Soweto, South Africa.

For our first post it is important that we explain the dream of SiZa Health Park, what it can offer and why it will grow to be a vital part of this growing community.

First, let us start with the name, SiZa Health Park.

SiZa comes from two names for the plant which Protea Glen is named for, the Protea.

The first is Siqwane and the second Zadlunge, together forming the SiZa part of the name for the park.

The protea flower is a beautiful flower with many properties that the people of Soweto, and Protea Glen, also possess. It is known for its hardy nature, its ability withstand difficult temperatures and environments, yet still flourish.

It is also originally named for the Greek god Proteus, who could change his form whenever he chose. This was because the protea flower has many species, great diversity and changing beauty throughout its lifetime. In Protea Glen the people flourish, adapt and change and this park, with its exercise equipment, skate park and youth programs will help them do so.

The second part of the name, health, refers to our goals for this park. It is a park that will to promote the idea that ‘health is not just the absence of disease, but a state of physical, mental and social well-being.’ This park is a place where the community will participate in sports, take care of their bodies and their minds. We will focus on how to participate in these activities safely, but also on how their social interactions benefit the health of themselves and those we interact with. Having a healthy community, group of friends, family and individuals is the ultimate goal of this part.

The site for the park was originally an illegal dump site, but with time and effort it has been cleaned up and building can begin!But, before the work can be completed, we are still in need of some vital parts of the park. On the COPESSA website, there is a wish list where you can find some of our needs. You can also find this information on our blogger profile, as well as background information about the park, COPESSA as an organization and the other work COPESSA does.


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