Change story

Change story


This is the change story of Mam K. When she came to the COPESSA she needed assistance with longstanding marital problems. These problems had caused her great distress and had led her to attempting suicide by taking an overdose of tablets. She was found timeously by her son and she obtained medical attention. She then approached COPESSA for counselling. In her initial session she shared that being unemployed and not being able to contribute financial to her household brought on the greatest distress for her. She was also worried about her son who was repeating grade 8 and not coping well at school. She felt as though she was not supporting him the way he needed but she needed to get help for herself first. Following this a joint counselling session was held between herself and her husband and the other issues highlighted and addressed included effective communication and parenting.

Through this process she also obtained information about the Women of Worth Sewing Project (a partnership with local women to empower them so that they can be economically independent, so that they can better protect their children) to address the issue of being unemployed and not being able to financially contribute to the livelihood of the family. Learning beading and sewing skills would allow her the opportunity to start generating an income for herself through the sales of the products she makes. This is also a space (supported by one of our Social workers) where the women have honest conversations about the struggles that they have personally been through and without judgement support one another and learn from their strengths and resilience.

Since attending the project, it could be observed that she is very happy and has regained her confidence. Furthermore, she is one of the beneficiaries who received food parcels during this difficult COVID-19 pandemic, more than once Thanks to donors such as CAFSA and PnP Protea Glen Mall. The Social worker followed up her case and reported that her marital situation had improved and the family is able to communicate better with each other. Counselling has continued for her and spouse to ensure that they continue to receive the support they need as partners and parents.
The Clients personal account was sent via Whatsapp:

How you can support this programme

    • Support the women by purchasing 3 ply cloth facemasks as a required minimum standard for COVID-19 prevention measure.

Sponsor manufacturing and business skills training for the 30 women.

  • Sponsor project management training.
  • Sponsor Parenting skills and GBV skills training.
  • Sponsor develop monitoring and evaluation of the programme.
  • Sponsor one -on -one counselling and group work sessions for women and their families.

She was also a part of the Women of worth who supported the 16 Days of Activism Park Clean Campaign that COPESSA hosted on the 10th Dec 2020.

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