We believe that effective community-level interventions can cost-efficiently break the cycle of poverty,decrease the risks of child abuse and neglect as well as challenge the social norms that make violence acceptable in our communities.

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Type of account: Current Account
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Amos Testimonial


“My name is Amos. I volunteer at COPESSA. Let me share how I came to be a volunteer:

I did not feel like my partner was listening to me this frustrated me. Out of anger I would become violent towards her. When I realized I was becoming someone I could not recognize I suggested to my partner that we seek help. I saw in me the man my father was to my mother, and something needed to change. I could see the very pain I felt as a child in my children’s eyes. I was abusing my children as they were witnessing our fights.

After a long process of acknowledgement and reflection with the help of counseling from COPESSA, I finally found healing. Although my relationship with my partner did not work out I have become a better person, father and partner. Thankfully, COPESSA assisted me through my healing for free, as I would not have been able to afford the many counseling sessions I needed.

I chose to further the journey with COPESSA and I now volunteer for the organization with a hope to bring to life a Men’s Forum in our community. Through my lived experiences and those of friend’s and neighbour’s I have realized that men in our community need a space where they can support one another at a time where violence has become a norm. With COPESSA’s professional help we will realize this dream”.