COPESSA offers free services as most beneficiaries are indigent. As our major focus is primary prevention,  the bulk of our services seek to address the root causes of child abuse, which we have identified in our community.

The following are our services:

  • Sustainable Community Development Programmes and Projects, which can be classified as:
    • NON-INCOME GENERATING – Value-add programmes
      • Building of safe play parks for children – this is our flagship programme we will use in future as an entry point into other communities.
      • Craft projects – these will be housed within these play parks so that they have a multi role – capacity development for the community, income-generation, and provision of safety for the children while playing.
      • Food parcels
      • Food gardens for the orphaned and vulnerable children (OVCs)
      • Reading programmes
      • Homework supervision
      • Art and music
      • Embroidery project  - promotional items branding
      • Beading and other crafts
      • Food gardens & Veggie Tunnels
      • Brick-making
    • Counselling of abuse survivors
    • Medical assessment of child abuse victims
    • Support groups for abuse survivors, HIV affected and infected.

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